Business Administration Outsourcing

Admin & Transaction

Admin role and processing transactions appear to be simple but the volume of work and ensuring the accuracy of the information processed is nothing short of daunting. The work performed without review may leads to many errors that can be minimized with sufficient supervision.

Many have come to realize this, and it is more cost beneficial to many companies to outsource these roles to professional firms like Acumen Alpha Advisory. Our firm assigns a team of experienced professionals to assist companies in filling these roles. The element of check performed by our seniors and managers on the work done ensure minimum errors, if any on the transactions.

Because of our nature of trade and experience, we have accumulated knowledge about various different industries, which helped our team when the team is processing the transactions. Unlike hiring own employee, no training is required for us to understand and process your transactions for you.

On top of processing transactions, our team may also highlight to you on certain transactions that are not regular that comes to our attention during the course of our engagement. Such value added services is one of many reasons companies prefer to outsource this role to professional firms like us despite having internal account executive.

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Looi Yong Kean

Director (Accounts & Tax Compliance)